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Love Learning about Thailand

From the ALO Update Vol 25 No 4, read more about Thailand and what the Waisners love about the country and its people.

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Wanted: Special Child

Born to a mother in prison, the little guy’s life—and prospects for the future—were bleak.

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Training Kids to Win

The food and care Family Circus provides help kids win battles in this life. The spiritual training and opportunity to know Jesus give them the opportunity to be winners for eternity.

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Ga Nong's Promise

Ga Nong’s family is exceptionally poor, but she is a child rich with promise. Against all odds, this young girl is succeeding and has a real chance to achieve what few other children in Laos—especially girls—can ever hope for: to become a doctor.

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Celebrate the gift of a child

Devi buried his face in his knees, hoping to block out the scary sights and sounds all around him. The hunger in his stomach was nothing compared to the aching hunger in his heart.

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